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Exciting Enhancements to Discovery Education!

Exciting Enhancements to Discovery Education!

Hi all! It’s back to school season and everyone’s shaking off the lazy glow of summer and launching headfirst into the brand new school year. This week, we have a brand new webinar series that documents the exciting enhancements to Discovery Education. The first webinar will be presented today, Wednesday September 5 at 7 PM

Back to School Webinar Series Continues This Week!

As Mousey mentioned yesterday, Discovery Education is continuing to offer special weekly webinars designed to help teachers and students transition into the brand new school year with our various services. The focus this week will be on the administrative and user management functions for the site. Administrators will learn how to navigate My Admin, update user

22nd Century Skills: BD2 at DEN PreCon @PETE&C 2012

BD2…That’s (Max) Brooks, (Steve) Dembo and (Hall) Davidson, (Steve) Dembo open the DEN PreCon at PETE&C on 2-12-12 exploring 22nd Century Skills. Special thanks to Max Brooks, organizer of the DEN PreCon 2012 for all his efforts in bringing us the best of PETE&C before it begins. What skills will students need? Max opened the