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Tip #22: Photoshop Elements – How to Take Images to a New Level

(from Brad Fountain – NC/SC DEN Field Manager) Well this seems to be an appropriate follow-up to Rachel’s wonderful post about the image collection in unitedstreaming.  For those of you unfamiliar with it, Adobe Photoshop Elements is a software program that allows you to edit, organize, and add special effects to photos/images.  With schools continuing

Tip #21: Thousands of Pictures Await You

(from Rachel Amstuz – MA/DC and International  DEN manager) It’s been said that "A picture is worth a thousand words."  No matter how you do the math 1,000 words x 20,000 images = A LOT of Images waiting for you! Check out the more than 20,000 images available in the Image Library on unitedstreaming . 

Tip #20: The Little Known Power of Timeliner

(from Danielle Abernethy, North Florida DEN manager) TimeLiner software and unitedstreaming make a great team. As in Inspiration, the videos must be saved as Quick Time, but from there the possibilities are only limited to your imagination! One popular topic in Social Studies is the Civil War. To create a timeline, download the video clips

Tip #19: The FREE, Cross-Platform Sound Editor

(Brad Fountain – North and South Carolina Field Manager) What is it and why do I want it? Audacity is a free, easy to use audio editor and recorder that educators and students should find very useful in producing content for use in presentations.  Audacity can used to: record live audio, covert tapes into digital

Tip #18: Assignment Builder – Rube Goldberg Inventions

(Created by Brad Fountain – North and South Carolina Field Manager…with help from his wife Laura) Have you ever heard of Rube Goldberg?  Rube Goldberg was a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist whose cartoons, by his own description "were symbols of man’s capacity for exerting maximum effort to accomplish minimal results".  As your students create Rube

Tip #17 – Calendar – Who Did What, When?

(by Dawn Strunk (New England Regional Manager)Do you know what happened on July 28th?  Well, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Beatrix Potter were born; fingerprints were first used for identification; potatoes were first introduced in Europe, and oh yeah, it’s my birthday!  Can you guess which of these events are on the unitedstreaming Calendar?  Have you

Tip #16: The Many Uses of Movie Maker

(from Rachel Amstutz, DEN Field Manager for MD/DC/International) This is my favorite icon on unitedstreaming – editable clips.  Have you noticed it before and wondered what it meant? This icon means that the video is editable. (No you can’t eat it!)  Basically, the producers of this video have given permission for you and your students

Tip #15: Are You Ready for the Next Generation?

The excitement is building.  The chrysalis is opening. The NEW unitedstreaming is coming soon!  We are so excited because we have been getting sneak previews of the finished pieces of the next generation of unitedstreaming and it is amazing!  On this “Tip A Day in May,” we will be exploring Quiz Center, but with a

Tip #14: Inspired Streaming

(from Danielle Abernethy, North FL DEN manager) One of the many reasons that I love unitedstreaming is that it plays nicely with other software. I love how I can embed it into PowerPoint, create my own digital stories with it in MovieMaker (or other programs like iMovie), and even use it with my favorite software,