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Best Teaching Videos? I Don't Think So!

Best Teaching Videos? I Don't Think So!

The ironically titled site SmartTeaching.org” blogged a list claiming “100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers.”   Say it ain’t so.  While there are some old favorites and familiar gems in the 100, there are also some terrible choices, videos that don’t serve teachers at all.  Worse, old middle school teacher that I am, I am hard

The Latest Webinar in the Known World (Part II)

Okay, if you were lucky (or unlucky) enough to see the brief post from a day or so, you know that the “Latest Webinar in the Known World” refers to a little webinar malfunction we had in the DEN series.  It was a perfect conspiracy of time zone changes, a dead computer, and vanished codes. 

Google Earth – For the Ears

I had a great time at the Discovery Educator Network National Institutes.  Mike Bryant did Google Earth for the Leadership Councils and I did it for the National Institute.  The great “face of the globe” is from Mike’s presentation here.  I’m hoping it’s his image, because I’m using it.  I twitted I was doing this

Dr. Pepper Blow -Up

LIVE from NECC!  This post was initially made live during my presentation in the Lila Cockrell Theater.  We did something in that session never done before (to my knowledge).  We pasted a live feed from a cellphone  (Mr. Steve Dembo’s) into Google Earth. Pretty fun.  We also did it here, in the blog. That’s why

Live Video Feed From NECC 2008

Writing from NECC in San Antonio, Texas,where this blog will be viewed live during my session on cellphones in education (which NECC accepted, causing happy shock and insomnia). We’ll be checking out a live feed from a mystery guest during the session, which is at 3:30 PM Central Time onTuesday, July 1. The live feed

Color Your Own Chromakey

I’m working on my presentation for NECC on things you can do with code and tinkered a little with the work of Cindy Lane, Jen Dorman, and others nicely noted in Matt Monjan’s blog. The trick is doing chromakey (the “weatherperson effect”) where a video clip can play inside another clip through a color that

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Although some of you may be thinking that this is the most wonderful time of the year because the school year is ending, for me it is also the time of student media festivals and teacher awards. Slick Rock had theirs, and you may have had yours at the school, district, or state level. On

Leaving the Earth with the Real Buzz

They opened the NASA film vaults and built the biggest winner since Planet Earth. The Discovery Channel premiered “When We Left the Earth” in Beverly Hills for an audience of science celebrities–and teachers. The DEN was in full force at the Paley Center for Media where they were wined and dined and shown what turned

The Things We Do for Love

I haven’t been able to describe what I do since I left the classroom. “I teach math” was easy, and nothing in the twenty years since has been that simple to summarize. But since the last post, by way of apology, here is where I’ve been: Saturday (4/12), San Francisco (Leadership 3.0), Sunday, Orange Co.

Young Scientist Challenge Webinar PowerPoints

Forgive the quick post, but we are getting lots of requests for the PowerPoints used in the webinars for the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge. They are posted below. Students and DEN teachers each have their own category so each have their own PowerPoint. Student Challenge PowerPoint Teacher Challenge PowerPoint We have recorded the webinars and