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Media Marches: LA to NY

Media Marches: LA to NY

In Los Angeles in a series of meetings over the last two weeks, more than 500 administrators and support staff from Los Angeles Unified "mini-District" 4 watched student content created with media tools.  I blogged a longer post at the main blog but I thought the media-savvy would enjoy seeing one of my favorite videos

MegaVCR Part II – MacWorld

Some great comments from the last post, MegaVCR Part I.  I’ll respond to them at the end of this post.  But first:  MacWorld and The Education Strand.  Over 400 teachers gathered in a very large room at the Moscone Center to hear Wesley Fryer, Bernie Dodge, Carol Anne McGuire, Monica Beglau, and myself in rolling

MegaVCR Part I

The iPod is a great tool for classrooms.  I can’t be without one, even at the bottom of the pool.  This is me watching the unitedstreaming video "Mayan Revolution" from the Conquistador program.  There is, in fact, an underwater housing for the video iPod, and I do, in fact, have breathing apparatus that means uninterrupted

Before Leaving the Elves Entirely

Before we leave the elves entirely, a couple of good things came up.  An email from Linda Foote came in where she talked about using the elf animation creator at http://www.elfyourself.com/ for a good instructional purpose.  This does remind us that these free things that come our way like the elf, the monkeys (remember them

In the Wii Small Hours

We spent New Years Eve at my house exhausting ourselves mostly at tennis and boxing, although there was bowling and blowing up bad guys, too.  We were using the Wii, the game console from Nintendo.  This is a significant media technology for several reasons.  I spent a lot time awhile back talking about one of

Time to Take Down The Lights–Soon!

Those whose browsers showed the holiday spirit now need to consider taking down the lights.  In Firefox, you can choose a theme that customizes the icons.  This holiday, I used the Tinseltown theme, which showed lights and candy canes. To get this theme, or to change the theme as I’m going to do for the

Media Matters Curtain Up

Welcome to Media Matters.  We’ll be covering all things media here.  With the season upon us, why not start with a little animation you can make of yourself at http://www.elfyourself.com/.  I’ll attach a little DEN flash in the comment below.  I saved it as an AVI file using SnagIt, a great screen capture (including video)