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Second Life in the 'Fast' Lane

I know that some of you have upgraded your computers so that your experiences in virtual worlds are enhanced.  (I know that was my ‘excuse’ when I decided to upgrade my laptop.)  I ‘needed’ more RAM, I ‘needed’ a better graphics card, I ‘needed’ those bells and whistles — well, maybe not the bells and

GREAT Opportunity!!!

As some of you might know, the DEN in SL is situated on one of the EduIslands.  What you might not know is that we have an absolutely wonderful and fabulous ‘landlord’, Fleet — if you’ve attended one of our major galas you might have seen him around, he’s that adorable squirrel avatar.  ANYWAYS…………………….  I

Hair Fair Landmarks

Hair Fair Landmarks Yes sometimes it all boils down to great hair. The link above takes you to a blog I read and the author has gracioulsy made it easy to visit many if not all of the hair designers present at the Hair Fair. If you find the links useful make sure you comment

Got a Minute? Take a Survey

The DEN would like you help in finding out more about how the DEN is impacting student learning and professional growth. So if you have a minute (and I’m sure we can all find a minute in our busy lives), please fill out the survey.  You can read the full blog post here. <a href=”https://discoveryed.wufoo.com/forms/z7w8r3/”

The New SLurl

No, it’s not a tech toy! LOL  It’s the revised link to the New DEN in SL HQs.  You can also find it along the top tab of this blog. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eduisland%20II/132/131/22 Make sure to save this as a Landmark once you’re inworld! Hope to see all of you tonight at *NOTE: NEW TIME CHANGE* at

We're on Twitter

That’s right folks.  DEN in SL has finally joined the social networking craze.  It’s official:  DEN in SL is on Twitter. The idea was actually ‘borrowed’ from Neene on the New York LC.  She started with @NYDENLC.  Hey, if it’s good enough for the Big Apple, it’s good enough for SL!  No sooner had I

Quick Start Guide to Second Life ™

You know, I don’t care what others say — Twitter is great!  How else would I have found out (literally just seconds ago!) about a Quick Start Guide to Second Life ™?  Thanks to @torley’s  (BTW, if you are on Twitter and in Second Life you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY ought to consider following @torley!) tweet,