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Internet Explorer 9 Public Beta

Internet Explorer 9 had its debut as a public beta (for Windows OS) last week. The reviews have been generally positive, even though it is not available for Windows XP, only Vista or Windows 7 (and really they want you to be on Windows 7) . Windows guru Paul Thurrott had good things to say

A History Lesson

One of the things I like to do is to research the history of the holidays and other special days we celebrate.  With today being Labor Day, I thought I would share what I have learned about this holiday that marks the unofficial end of summer and celebrates the American worker.  As educators, many of

AirVideo – Just Watch

I figured the third time I watched The Attack of the Clones. Episode II on my iPad, I should probably talk with someone about this.   I’ve collected a few video files over the years, and keep them on one of those 350Gb, USB hard drives from Staples. Some are Mac files (mov and mp4),


You remember Hypermedia, that crazy 80”s dream of an info-age future where newspapers would just know your info interests and deliver them to some kind of tablet, always current, and totally personalized?   Well that’s Flipboard, new software (circa Wednesday) for the iPad that publishes people and subjects you follow from place like Facebook, Twitter,

The $35 Dollar Tablet?

One of the great things about summer is that you have more time to spend with newspapers and other paper media. So it was last Saturday when while enjoying a second cup of coffee that I ran into the article in about India’s announcement of a prototype tablet computer that they believe will market for