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A Little More iPad

A Little More iPad

Finally a little good news in the wake of the iPad’s WiFi problems. Not only do Discovery Education videos look absolutely GREAT on this thing, it appears someone’s found yet another keyboard option on the iPad: A PIANO keyboard. Leave it to an artist push the old envelope. Thanks, Lang Lang, the gifted Chinese pianist

File Format Conversion For Free

Ever find yourself in the position where you “cant get there-ah from here-ah”? You know that you can use that file if only it was in the correct format! Here are a couple of tools that may help. The first is an online file conversion tool – Zmazar (http://www.zamzar.com/).  In Zamzar you upload a file

2010 Horizon Report: K-12 Edition

Many thanks to Lucy Gray who passed along a link to the recently released 2010 Horizon Report: K-12 Edition via her Facebook posting. The research based report looks at tech trends that will impact K-12 education over the next few years.  Here is a bit from Alan Levine’s  (cogdog on Twitter) introduction for the New

Photo Peach

Last week I had the good fortune to participate in a workshop led by Discovery’s own Kathy Schrock.   The Stafford Public Schools under the leadership of their Technology Integrator (and  CT Discovery Education Leadership Council majordomo)  Lynn Reedy, were awarded a grant for this school year under the CT State Dept. of Education’s  Enhancing Education Through

Green Gazelles Are Good!

Do you know about Gazelle? Gazelle is an online recycling service.  The company pays you cash for used electronics (cell phones, laptops, mp3 players, projectors, blu-ray players, digital cameras, and more).  You look up your item in their online data base, describing the condition, the site makes you an offer, and sends you a box.

Social Media in Your Inbox?

The month of February brought news of two developments in the social media marketplace. One,  an ill-fated debut of  Google’s service called Buzz, a second almost under the radar announcement by Microsoft, about social media plug-ins for Outlook. If you are a person who has not chosen to clutter your life with the streams of

Google Labs – New Map Tool: Drag 'n Zoom

When you use your Google tools, have you turned on Google Labs? Google Labs is the place within the Google-verse where experimental features for Google products are put out for trial by users.  Google Labs provides a centralized location where you can looks at dozens and dozens of new ideas that Google engineers are playing

GeoGebra – Open Source Math Tool

Some folks via Twitter passed along a link to an open source multi-platform math tool called GeoGebra that could serve as a free alternative to Geometer Sketchpad. GeGebra is supported by an active wiki based user community  that offers support and sharing of educational materials from an international pool of educators using the program.

YouTube Goes Disco

  Are you a Pandora user? I am an early adopter of this Internet music service and even as they have gone through their growing pains, royalty fights, and now their drop in ads and 40 hours per month free / premium model, I continue to be a big fan. If you are not familiar,