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Connecting the Chats #TxEdTuesdays #DESTEMchat #DEIgnite

Connecting the Chats #TxEdTuesdays #DESTEMchat #DEIgnite

Everyday educators are using Twitter to connect with new people for new ideas. Using hashtags, retweets, video, and links, ideas are shared and conversations sparked. Often these connections are made during Twitter chats. These chats follow a common hashtag and welcome people to jump in adding their thoughts and ideas. When the smartest person in

Summertime in Northern Michigan*

Ahhhh, summer… June, July and August… Are you feeling more relaxed just reading those words? I know I am! It’s interesting, though, because summertime has come to mean something very different to me over the years. When I was younger, summer was all about the beach: tanning, swimming, meeting friends, and relaxing. I lived in