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Put On Your Press Hat For Project Report

Put On Your Press Hat For Project Report

YouTube, in partnership with the Pulitzer Center has launched a new video contest that sounds interesting. This contest gives participants an opportunity to show their journalism skills and report on issues and individuals who are under-covered in today’s media. The first round of the contest requires entrants to produce a video about an individual in

Call for Bloggers

As we near the first of many national and regional DEN institutes, I’m putting out the call for guest bloggers. I’ll cover the National LC institute coming up next week, but I’ll need a guest blogger for the National institute the next week and also for the regional institute in Dallas August 1-2. All this

Infinity Project Offers Scholarships

The Infinity Project, creators of a nationally recognized curriculum designed to bring math and science to life for students in grades 6-12 through engineering principles, have announced that they will be offering professional development scholarships to 48 middle and high school teachers in the state of Texas. The Infinity Project operates with support from Southern

Free For K-12 Educators: CourseCast v2

Panopto has announced that it is making its new classroom capture platform, CourseCast v2, available to K-12 educators free of charge through their Socrates Project. They do ask that educators who take advantage of this opportunity agree to participate in its beta testing, as the official software will not be released to the general public

Live From The Field Fellowship

Earthwatch Institute is offering Live From the Field Fellowships to K-12 educators. The program has become so popular that they have received additional funding to add another 40 educator fellows each year for the next three years! Here’s the overview (from the Earthwatch Institute website): “Live from the Field Overview Live From the Field fellows

Upcoming Deadlines!

Okay, first of all, I cannot believe it has been two weeks since I posted to this blog! It seems like when the school year starts to wind down, everything ramps up and guess what gets set aside? That’s right . . . everything we enjoy! I wanted to be sure to make everyone aware

AFI ScreenNation Introduces First Challenge

Part of the exciting new AFI ScreenNation program is to encourage young filmmakers to submit their work to the website. In this light, AFI has announced its first challenge – “Hometown Claim to Fame“. Submissions will be accepted through June 30, 2008, and the winner will be announced July 15. The winner will receive a