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Let's Build Something Together – Assignment Builder

Let's Build Something Together – Assignment Builder

As you all know by now unitedstreaming is much more than a video library.  It is also full of tools and applications that you can use in the classroom. This week we’re going to tackle three of those tools, the Assignment Builder, the Quiz Builder, and the Writing Prompt Builder. Let’s start by saying right

Webinar Material Made Easy

What are Webinars?Webinars are Web-based seminars facilitated by a live Discovery Education instructor.  Thousands of educators have participated in these on-line sessions.  Webinars have covered everything from an overview of unitedstreaming, to integrating its resources into programs like Google Earth, Inspiration, Photostory, and more. But this is pretty common knowledge.  Chances are that you have

Blogger’s Block! (Dedicated to Steve Hodgin)

Posting on Monday was no problem.  Tuesday had me scratching my head.  On Wednesday and Thursday time sensitive projects took first priority.  And here we are on Friday and I’m scratching my head again…what to post…what to post… I think I’ve hit a wall.  Can Bloggers suffer from Blogger’s Block?  If so I think I

Ice Scraper or Back Scatcher?

Isn’t it interesting how culture, climate, and geography shape the way that we interpret the things that surround us? Recently, I was in Pennsylvania for the PETE and C conference and was able to observe this phenomena first-hand.   During one snowy night an exhibitor was passing out red ice scrapers to passers by.  Upon seeing

Just Another Mac-IT Monday

I recently queried the Implementation Team and asked them what kind of issues their schools/school districts were experiencing. Monika Davis, Implementation Representative for the great states of IN, MI, NV, and WA, explained that her Mac schools were experiencing difficulties within the Assignment, Quiz and Writing Prompt Builders, collectively known as "The Builders." Specifically, when

Challenge Champions

Over the past the year the implementation team has partnered with teachers, principals, technology coordinators, librarians, and more to help launch and integrate unitedstreaming in over 60,000 schools. Along the way customers have faced an implementation challenge or two.  Here are a few examples of those challenges and the creative solutions used to overcome them!