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DENSI Days: Part II

DENSI Days: Part II

After a session of  morning DEN  line dancing and Yellowstone “Rap” review lead by Rita Mortenson, we turned our undivided attention to  Paul Andersen, an award winning Science teacher from Bozeman, MT who had much more to offer than fun and games! Paul’s Keynote challenged us to consider how gaming is a natural form of

Paul Andersen: Reflecting on the Classroom Game Design at #DENSI2012

Day 2 of LiveStream-ing from Bozeman, MT at the DENSI 2012 Summer Institute begins with a keynote from Paul Andersen. For those of attending virtually, a special shout out to Steve Dembo, aka Teach42, for streaming all day from sessions in Ballroom A. Thanks, Steve! A very special thank you to Peggy George for providing