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Join us at DENapalooza Pittsburgh

Join us at DENapalooza Pittsburgh

Saturday, September 21st marks yet another stop on the 2013 DENapalooza tour – this time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Join us a for a FREE full day of professional development with members of the DEN and the DEN team.  The morning will consist of formal presentations and the afternoon will be an unconference.  If you’ve never

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If you want to make your students think and laugh at the same time, share http://thankstextbooks.tumblr.com/ with them. It is a weekly update of oddities found in textbooks. The comments are often as funny as the textbook print. Lance Rougeux shared this table for apps/sites and their use: Tinyurl.com/coreofde . One of the fun activities on this page

PETE&C Day of Discovery Pre-Con is Awesome!

Taking a new twist on the day, the pre-conference was divided into sessions in the morning, an app slam at lunch and unconference in the afternoon. This was well received by the attendees, many of whom had never participated in an unconference before. Sessions included an augmented reality discussion about the following apps: Aurasma, iFunFace, Imag-n-o-tron,