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June 2019: Podcasts Revisited

June 2019: Podcasts Revisited

I have the students in my Wilkes/Discovery Instructional Masters degree class create a podcast as an assignment. In her reflection on podcasts, one of my student, Meredith Lambert wrote: There is something different about the interaction between creator and consumer with podcasts then with written text. Because you’re hearing a person’s voice it makes it

Listen to Bill Nye for Earth Day

For Earth Day, listen to our podcast with Bill Nye—comic, engineer, and science guy—and learn his thoughts on global warming and sustainable living. He even tells us about his new show—Stuff Happens—that will air on Discovery’s new channel: Planet Green (which debuts in June). You can play the interview, view the show notes and subscribe

DEN Podcast

DEN Podcast Show #3 – Bernajean Porter on  Digital Storytelling (updated) Important Update: As a side note, if you have been subscribing via iTunes, you need to re-subscribe as we have changed our link location to make the previous shows visible through iTunes.  Without re-subscribing you will not automatically download the latest podcast. We received

Out of this world podcasting! And, our own Wisconsin podcasting duo!

NASA 21st Century Explorer Podcasting Competition Are you scouring the Internet for every web site relating to educational podcasting?  You may have missed this creative, cool NASA podcasting student competition but you can still tap the winning examples on November 17 when the competition winners are announced.   There are some very useful links about HOW

DEN Podcast News! Lisa O'Brien Featured!

Discovery Education would like to thank everyone who made the first Discovery Education Network Podcast a big success.  We received a lot of VERY positive feedback from the first show on Character Education and know that as word spreads even more people will be downloading this new resource.  We also had a number of correct

So what's RSS?!

Are you confused by podcasting, podfeeds, iPods, and everything pod? A new weekly feature begins today, Guest Blogger of the Week. Brian Bartel kicks-off this series of informative posts by sharing his insights on RSS Feeders. GUEST BLOGGER of the WEEK: Meet Brian Bartel – Appleton West High School Science Teacher Want to keep up

Coulee Kids Podcast…do you?

Each week or two the WI DEN will feature DEN members willing to "showcase" the exciting instructional strategies being integrated into their classroom, LMC, or learning environment.  Jeanne Halderson, 7th Grade Teacher at Longfellow Middle School (School District of LaCrosse) and Apple Distinguished Educator, is featured this week. Jeanne became the first Wisconsin DEN member