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Moving From Conventional Classrooms to a Charismatic Workforce

Moving From Conventional Classrooms to a Charismatic Workforce

Last year, through my involvement with a local community group, I had the opportunity to tour a few of the technology start-up companies that have sprung up in our city. Indeed, there is a thriving culture of tech start-ups here in the heartland of the Midwest, with many of them enjoying a national and international

Why This Career Corrections Officer Went Back to Middle School

From the Heart: Powerful Stories from Passionate Educators Michael Pillsbury, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (NC) For more than 15 years, Michael Pillsbury was paid to put people in prison or make sure they stayed there. And it was that experience that led him to become a teacher. First he served as a member of the Army’s military police,

Mathematical Learning Through Rigorous Tasks

By Mary Swack, Math Supervisor for Carroll County Public Schools (MD)  Traditional mathematics classroom instruction typically plays out with the teacher providing some form of direct instruction on a topic followed by guided practice and then independent student practice.  It is often skill based and filled with a variety of “tricks” and mnemonic devices to help

Five Strategies for Using Primary Source Documents In the Social Studies Classroom

Use of primary sources was once remarkably scarce, both during in-class instruction and in textbooks. The availability and accessibility of primary sources on the Internet has revolutionized social studies instruction. But how are primary sources used in the classroom? Are students working with primary sources to make their own claims supported by self-selected evidence? Those

Five Powerful Practices for Science Professional Development

By: Matt Cwalina, Senior Director of Learning Initiatives, Discovery Education In my time working with schools and districts from across the country, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with many inspiring science educators. Their passion for teaching and developing the scientific literacy of today’s learners is truly awesome! As I have worked

Keys to Leading a Successful Digital Transition

By: Marty Creel, Chief Academic Officer and Vice President, Curriculum & Instruction, Discovery Education How can administrators ensure a smooth and successful digital transition? Leading the digital transition is a process that should start with emphasizing good instruction. It is crucial to select the right technology pieces and to prepare networks for increased use, but

Defining Differentiation in Today’s Classroom

We have just 180 days per year to facilitate learning in the most meaningful way possible. Click To Tweet As a superintendent, I strive to put structures in place that enable our students to reap the benefits of being in the right place at the right time. The only way to do that is to