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Roundtrip Tickets to Anywhere: Discovery Education + Google Earth

Roundtrip Tickets to Anywhere: Discovery Education + Google Earth

For all of you who we had the pleasure of meeting today, thank you very much for joining us for the NECC Pre-Con.  Click here for the Roundtrip Tickets to Anywhere presentation that I shared with you.  Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions.  Also, please leave me a comment with the wonderful

Region 11 Summer Media Adventure

Ft Worth TX was the place to be on Friday as the Region 11 team hosted its annual Summer Media Adventure.  Molly and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with everybody and seeing all of the great ways that teachers are using digital media in the classroom.  For those of you who attended the 50 Ways to

METC 2009: Audacity to Podcast.

METC 2009 was a winter wonderland.  Snow happens in the Midwest and it hit on both days of the conference.  Despite the weather the conference went great.  Enjoyed dinner at Lewis & Clark’s with a wonderful group of educators.  All braved the snowy conditions to join us.  We even had to push our rental car

METC Conference

Had a great time presenting at METC. With over 6 inches of snow during the two days the cab ride in was a little scary, and we had fun pushing the car up the hill after our DEN dinner. The sponsors from CSD were tremendous and I cannot thank them enough for considering me when

FETC 09: 7 Tech Tips for Teaching Green

You can click here to download the Powerpoint presentation about Tech Tips for Going Green.  I’ve also included a mini-tutorial about customizing your own Google Earth tours.  Enjoy! Tech Tips Green View more presentations or upload your own. (tags: den discovery)

What Web 2.0 sites are at the top of your list?

With so many Web 2.0 sites out there, everyone has their own favorite flavors. We know what ours are, but we want to know what YOURS are! What are the top three Web 2.0 sites that you think every educator should know about and check out? Share your ideas in the blanks below and then