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DEN March Madness – Entry #10 – Prezi

DEN March Madness – Entry #10 – Prezi

The tenth entry in DEN March Madness comes from DEN STAR Tracy Carpenter.  Tracy brings our attention to Prezi.  Prezi is a great presentation tool that allows the integration of many kinds of multimedia, including images and video from Discovery Education.  Tracy nominated Prezi for a variety of reasons: – Web-based, ease of access to

Our New DEN Prezi

We are very proud of the Discovery Educator Network.  This community of educators is the best and we are always look for ways to spread the word about the DEN.  Our friends at Prezi, specifically designer, Stephanie Szabo, created this Prezi about our community.  We think it’s pretty awesome.   Discovery Educator Network (DEN) on

Moving our World One Project at a Time: Jennifer Brinson and Students

DEN STAR and PA DEN Leadership Council Events Chair Jennifer Brinson always adds a great dynamic to her presentations: students. This year her co-presenters are 3 seniors from her Economics class: Jackie, Lauren, and Abigail. According to Jackie: We were doing a scarcity project in our Economics class and we wanted to select a topic

Empower Students to Present Creatively!

Empower Students’ Creativity through a Variety of Web 2.0 tools resources and publishing. Back in the day when I was in school, I was sometimes assigned to conduct research in many classes, demonstrating my knowledge gained through giving a speech, (or presentation) in front of class, or writing an essay. There were not many choices

Web 2.0 for President’s Day

Since it is President’s Day, we as educators have to focus on what accomplishments many Presidents’ have achieved. There are several ways to use Web 2.0 tools to bring these President’s to life. This thought crossed my mind when I asked my son this morning what his school day would be like for President’s Day.  He