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Links and Ideas

Links and Ideas

1)  First DEN Podcast from TCEA – hear yourself and your friends in Austin talking about their experience with unitedstreaming.  Visit the National DEN Blog and hear the podcast or click this link.  2)  DEN Members have published a book!  How cool is that!  Janet Corder (Carroll ISD) and Joan Gore (Lewisville ISD) have published Successful

Just some of my thoughts….

There really is no category…but I have had some interesting conversations/emails with folks this week and they were worthy enough to share.  No, the discussions were about cool ideas in the classroom not the TV show of the week (although I love The Amazing Race –my favorite.  Oops, not a Discovery show – it’s the

DEN Certification Modules

Want to learn more, but running out of time and can’t get a substitute?  Want to be able to get staff development credit from the comfort of your own home?  There are two great, easy, and free ways to learn more about unitedstreaming and being a trainer of unitedstreaming.  Simple login to unitedstreaming and go

Closed Captioning!!! It can Work!

WOW!  Amazing things happen when you actually talk to people!  I had heard that you couldn’t get closed captioning with downloaded videos to go full screen with WMP 10.0.  Guess what?  You can!!!  Thanks to Sam Sakai-Miller, a well-experienced trainer with unitedstreaming (actually trained me many years ago!), who taught us and has posted directions

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Alrighty – we are learning new things everyday.  I now have a Blog Aggregator – Bloglines (thanks Steve).  In case you aren’t familiar with this…(I wasn’t and am still learning), it’s basically a way to access all of your blogs on one website – it’s a little easier to read and keep up with new

Resource Guide

Texas Discovery Educators!  Do you love receiving and reading the awesome resource guide?  Have you used any of the ideas in your classroom?  We need contributions for the next Resource Guide! Click here to learn how!

Traveling in Oklahoma

I had the opportunity (before heading to the airport) to stop and see the Oklahoma City National Memorial.  This very serene and beautiful area helps to commemorate the lives of the people who lost their lives and the people who rescued and cared for so many.  These gates represent the times between the explosion.  While

Cool Idea for Writing Prompts

During a training last week, a great teacher found an easy way to make the Writing Prompts in unitedstreaming.com customizable.  After you click on one of the writing prompts in the library, click "View Writing Prompt."  It comes up as an HTML document.  When you save this to your documents, simply change the type of