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Students Can Make an Impact

Students Can Make an Impact

Last week, we wrote about how the employees of Discovery chose to make an impact in our communities. We think anyone can make an impact regardless of age! There are plenty of projects to get your students involved. 1. Food Drive 2. Book Drive 3. Recycling in the Classroom 4. Planting Trees Also, check out

DENSI Project: DE and Glogster Life Cycle of A Butterfly

This year at the DEN Summer Institute (DENSI), participants created projects to be included as professional development assets for use by Discovery Educators. Here’s one from PA STAR Discovery Educator, Linda Michael on DE and Glogster Life Cycle of A Butterfly. All Discovery Educators have access to the DENSI projects and more via the Educator

Virtual Conference Archives posted!

Six hours worth of fantastic professional development have now been converted and posted!  You’ll find sessions from Gail Lovely, Hall Davidson, Kyle Schutt, Porter Palmer, Whitney Mihoulidies, and Steve Dembo, all available for viewing online or download. Did you attend the Virtual Conference?  If so, share a highlight or two from the event in the