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This is a QR code made with goo.gl

Back to school and QR codes

Back to school and QR codes

     The time for back to school night has come again. Every year I am excited to try something new that will make the experience better for my students and better for my parents. The problem with back to school night has been I have felt like I just ran a marathon and have

QR Codes: A Beginner’s Guide

What are QR codes? QR codes are quick response 2D bar codes. They hold  a lot of information in one code, and can be scanned with a variety of devices such as Smartphones, iPod Touches, iPads, laptops with webcams, etc. When scanned they provide marketing information about products and companies, coupons, etc. How are QR

QR Codes in the Classroom

I recently created this presentation to share with the Reading Council of South Carolina to show educators, media specialists, and administrators how QR codes could be used in the media center and with literacy.  I have updated the presentaion to include examples of how QR codes can be used across the curriculum.   Do you have an idea

Creating QR Codes for Class

Every where you look, you see a funny looking square with a cool design. Most of you know that is a QR code. The automobile industry first used the code to fast track production. Today, QR’s contain information for the purpose of advertising and sometimes just for fun. Businesses are using them on mailouts to