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2010 Reform Symposium – Second Life ™ in Education

2010 Reform Symposium – Second Life ™ in Education

If you don’t already know about the 2010 Reform Symposium which begins tonight and runs through Sunday then please do yourself a favor and check out their website.  A detailed schedule of events can be found by clicking on ‘Schedule’ along the top menu. I hope you’ll stop in for Kevin Jarrett’s presentation, ‘Second Life

Request to Help a Fellow DENer

Hi Guys! One of our STARs from Alabama, Sue Schwoebel, has asked to for our help in filling out a survey.  Since it’s about Second Life I’m posting it on this blog.  I hope you’ll take a moment to click on the link.  Remember, the deadline is March 20th! “I am in need of help,

Your Help is Requested

If you’ve been with the DEN for only a month, or if you’ve been with the DEN for only a year, or if you’ve been with the DEN for longer, chances are you know or have heard of Jennifer Dorman.  She’s posted a ‘call for assistance’ on the Pennsylvania state blog and the DEN in

The Bloggers Among Us

If you don’t have Beth’s Thoughts on Technology in the Classroom on your blog reader, you should.  I know Beth Knittle through our work together as part of the Leadership Council for the DEN in SL.  We met for the first time in real life at NECC 2008 and I was thrilled to be able to

Spring Training 2008 Promotion

Before you read further please note that this is NOT an April Fool’s Joke! LOL Although a virtual being, I sometimes do make connections to RL (hmmm…wonder if I’m going to have to register or trademark that one! LOL) and this is such a case. The DEN Spring Training 2008 promotion has several strands to