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Some More Sphero – iMake iLearn

Some More Sphero – iMake iLearn

It isn’t often that I am impressed by a company’s support of their product.  After finding out on Friday that 2 of my new Spheros were not working correctly and having planned to use them with students, I contacted the company.  I was very frustrated and expected to have to jump through a bunch of

iMake iLearn: Sphero Me Some Fun and Learning

This week our three 2.0 Spheros arrived.  What is a Sphero you say?  It is a programmable ball and so much more.  After looking at many different options to introduce robotics and coding into our SP Design Lab, I learned about the Sphero. Several great posts have already been done by Erin Klein and the Nerdy Teacher which made me realize

Building the Future iMake iLearn

Teaching code to elementary and middle school students can be a key component in sparking curiosity and problem-solving skills, potentially leading to career choices in science and engineering that will help address the challenges facing our planet. The first time I really considered teaching code to my students was during a DENSI (Discovery Education Network