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SL'ip#2 An Introduction to Viewer 2

Time for another Second Life Tip and this time we take a general look at Viewer 2 in preparation for our upcoming orientation session on June 16 at the DEN.If you are fairly new to SL (maybe you decided to jump in after the “getting started” post) you have already installed Viewer 2. For some of you

SL Tips: Getting Started

You may have noticed our location in the list of state blogs is south of Pennsylvania and north of South Carolina. In reality, we are located in “virtual” reality (second star to the right and straight on till morning) but as near as your own back yard. Some of you have visited this land already,

Meet the SL-Team!

Check out the Second Life ™ Leadership Council! As we all know (well, I hope you know) there are real people behind those avatars that constitute the DEN in SL Leadership Council.  We were most fortunate to have been able to attend an LC Retreat in Boston a few weeks ago.  We spent our time