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Discovery Appreciates our Teachers – 20% Savings in Stores and Online!

Discovery Appreciates our Teachers – 20% Savings in Stores and Online!

Most teachers I know don’t teach for the awards they receive or the accolades they are given. They teach because they care about children. We come back to the classroom each day because once in a while, we see the difference we have made in a child’s life. Our joy grows each time a sixth

West Coast DEN Regional Conference a Success

SeaWorld in San Diego provided a stunning backdrop for learning and collaboration at the first annual West Coast DEN Regional Conference.  Fifty educators from several western states, including Washington, Colorado and Nevada, spent a full week (sometimes into the wee hours of the morning!!) working together to create projects such as podcasts, blogs, and digital

Upload Resources and You Could Win a Prize!

San Diego… and NECC? Free?  It doesn’t get any better than that!   Between April 19 and May 19,th 2006, Discovery Educator Network members may earn rewards by uploading resources to the Discovery Educator Network website resource library*.   What could you win?  The Discovery Educators who upload and receive approval for the most resources to

NSTA Conference is a BLAST!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… blast off!  I was on cloud nine today at the National Science Teachers Association Conference in Anaheim.  Do you recognize the famous woman in the picture?  It is Sally Ride!  THE Sally K. Ride!  Isn’t that out of this world? Speaking of this "world"… take a look at the gigantic

And the Winner Is…

Did you know that one of our very own northern California educators is one of only six educators across the nation to win unitedstreaming’s trip to South Africa?  Philip Dolan from St. Lawrence School in Santa Clara is the lucky winner of this once in a lifetime opportunity! While traveling, Philip will participate in: ·

Start Spreading the News

Hello Northern California! We are official!  We have our very own northern California blog! It will take us a while to get everything in place.  I say, "us" because I need your help!  I want this to be a community blog site… not just a place for my ranting and raving!  (Although I can be

Teacher Takes Five

G’day!  Come down under to DiscoveryEducatorAbroad.com to follow Discovery Educator, Josh Wolff’s adventures as he journeys with the cast and crew of the Travel Channel show 5 Takes: Pacific Rim. Josh will be blogging four times per week, creating 2 webisodes per week, and sharing tons of digital photos as he travels around Australia, New

Modesto's Best Kept Secret

Shhhhhhhhh!  You haven’t heard about the Educational Technology Conference?  Over four hundred educators from central California may not want you to know about this "little" conference developed and sponsored by CTAP Region 6 and CCCUE.  It is no surprise that anyone would want to keep this gem to themselves…it featured "Techno Icons" Mike Lawrence (keynote

Making New Friends in Modesto

It wasn’t just another Friday night in Modesto … it was a DEN event night!  Hero’s in Modesto was where heroes in teaching met and mingled and laughed (a lot!)  It was a hoot to meet teachers from Atwater and hear about their uses of unitedstreaming in their classrooms.  They are a lively bunch!  While

A Whirlwind Two Weeks

If you had asked me two weeks ago what my life was going to be like, I never could have imagined this.  My name is Susan Staat and two weeks ago, I was a first grade teacher in a small school district in Ceres, California.  (You haven’t heard of Ceres?  We are just south of