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Celebrate Digital Learning Day with Shareski on DENvice!

Celebrate Digital Learning Day with Shareski on DENvice!

As DEN members we are first and foremost educators, focused on using effective techniques to help our students learn and become ready for college and career. Technology is a tool that we use to reach our instructional goals and when deployed well can be extremely effective. Wednesday, February 5th is Digital Learning Day, where we

Dean’s ISTE Ignite Session

This year at ISTE, there were 3 “Ignite” Sessions.  Ignite sessions consist of a series of short presentations, only 5 minutes long, consisting of 20 slides that are up for only 15 seconds each.  To me, they should be fun, informative, and engaging.  Not all of the ones I saw were, but several did meet

DEN STARs in the News: Kathy Cassidy

Canadian DEN STAR Kathy Cassidy is a published author.  Her new ebook, Connected from the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades, is now available through the PLP Network. From the site, “This highly interactive digital book — featuring dozens of color photos, six student-centered videos, and hundreds of live links to helpful downloads and

Dean and Steve take on @TCEA

Dean Shareski and Steve Dembo visited Texas a few weeks ago for TCEA.  They teamed up together to give the TECSIG Luncheon Keynote and after watching it myself, knew it needed to be shared.  I found the presentation enjoyable.  Take a look yourself.    

Happy Leap Day!

My family and I have a tradition of doing jumping photos whenever we visit some place special. Today being Leap Day, Flickr has offered a unique way to celebrate the day. Jump! (Thanks to Nancy Sharoff, DEN guru for the link) Today I was giving a talk at Peel District near Toronto and referenced this near