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Google Maps Tells About Banned Books? Google Earth Curriculum Connections!

Google Maps Tells About Banned Books? Google Earth Curriculum Connections!

One educator I follow on Twitter is Riptide Furse. (Okay, his real name is Fred Delventhal, but we know him as Riptide via his Second Life associations.) Riptide shares a lot of great stuff on Twitter. But for the annual Banned Books Week, he shared a Google Map. Interesting! Google Map on Banned Books in

Where in the World (Wide Web 2.0) is the DEN?

Yes, Discovery Educators have made themselves know on Web 2.0 tools.   After all, call them social networking tools, so certainly the Discovery Educator Network folks ought to be using, connecting, and learning on these tools.   A few web 2.0 places to find DEN and the Texas DEN are: http://twitter.com/TXDENLC   http://twitter.com/DEN On FaceBook: Name: Discovery Educator

Cool Tool: Batch Geocode

So sorry it’s been so long since I posted an article here – it seems as though this semester is flying by and I’m sure that all of you are feeling the same way! I have been using a cool tool for awhile that I realized might be of interest to others, so I thought

Cool Tool: TagCrowd

I sat in on David Warlick‘s session this morning at the Region XI virtual conference on “21st Century Literacy” and learned about a useful tool called TagCrowd. TagCrowd will take text, whether it be from a website or a file, and create a visual depiction of the most commonly used words in that text. What

One Stop For News

Hasn’t the last few days been exciting? No matter what your politics, it has actually been nice to see so many people get so excited about something. Those of us who use Twitter and Plurk know just how easy it was to get wrapped up in following what everyone had to say about the things

Get Your Blog On!

Did you know that all STAR DEN members have a blog hosted by Discovery? After presenting an entirely too brief tutorial at the Regional Conference about our blogs, I’ve realized that many STARS don’t realize they have one. I decided to put together a little video tutorial about how to start using your blog. (If