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Free For K-12 Educators: CourseCast v2

Free For K-12 Educators: CourseCast v2

Panopto has announced that it is making its new classroom capture platform, CourseCast v2, available to K-12 educators free of charge through their Socrates Project. They do ask that educators who take advantage of this opportunity agree to participate in its beta testing, as the official software will not be released to the general public

Read Books Online

I’ve been surfing the internet a little more this week than usual and have found three sites that I thought I’d pass on. I decided to pass them on together because they are all the same type of site – free books! In no particular order . . . ReadPrint has thousands of full text books

TravBuddy In The Classroom

I recently visited the profile of a friend of mine on MySpace. He had just returned from a trip to South Korea and had posted a map on his profile that showed all the countries he’s visited in his lifetime. I decided to go visit TravBuddy (the site that had produced the map) and check

Do You Doodle?

One of the things I like to do when I start working with a new group of people is find ways to streamline the things they are already doing. This frees up time for everyone to be more creative and I find that people tend to be happy when they have more time to be

New Tube!

I asked my middle-school children a question this morning as I was driving them to school – “Do you know why some people call televisions “tubes”?” They responded that they did not, after which my husband and I started enlightening them on the wonderful, albeit ancient, world of the tubed television. Well, my post today

Project Playlist a Web 2.0 Hit!

I heard about Project Playlist at school. My students really like it, so I decided to give it a try over the winter break. When I first pulled up the website, I immediately had a positive feeling because it calls itself a “social music experiment.” As a science teacher, any experiment is intriguing to me

Something To Do During The Break!

I thought I’d give you all a little “present” to play with during your winter break. One of the ITS people at my school, Darren Wilson, gave me a link to a program called Smilebox that is fun and easy to use and can help people like myself put together a nice scrapbook presentation to

Here's a Present for You!

TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia, which is a screen capture program, are offering the full version of their popular Camtasia 3 for FREE! Some of you may already be using their free screen capture program, Jing, which is useful but doesn’t have all the features that Camtasia has. Of course, they have an ulterior motive

See What I Mean?

I’ve been playing with a site I just learned about called Visuwords. This site is an online dictionary/thesaurus with a twist. Just type in a word and it will appear in the middle of the screen. Keep watching as words that are related in some way (opposite, synonym, attribute, etc.) pop up with connecting lines.