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Flipcams and Snow Leopard

Flipcams and Snow Leopard

I’ve been getting a few questions from Mac users (including myself) who recently updated to Mac OSX 10.6 wondering what happened to their Flip camcorder accessibility. Turns out it’s just a matter of re-installing the latest Flip software and/or adding Perian to your bag of tricks in order to get the 3ivx codec. Now go

Need a Video Editor and can't afford Premier Elements?

Hope everyone’s first day back to school went well. I spent the second half of my day sitting in a district conference room with the district IT staff discussing Clean Sweep vs. Deep Freeze as well as the use of Altiris within the district in which I work. Nothing like a half day on your

Another Online Photo Editor Site – FotoFlexer

Needless to say, these last few weeks I’ve been, well, hectic-crazy! For the ones that are in my twitterfeed (tom_turner) or I skype/IM with on a regular basis (tom.turner19 for skype, mithrass19 on yahoo; feel free to add me and message me anytime) you know what I’m talking about. Over the next few weeks, it

Inspire Me!

One of my favorite pieces of software is Inspiration, and I am absolutely thrilled to hear that Inspiration 8 has finally been released. 7.6 was a great version, but it gets better in 8. Now, instead of hyperlinking to a video, I can embed video and sound right into the diagram! I can embed Martin