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Lively Lessons: Pearl Harbor

Lively Lessons: Pearl Harbor

Students construct a journal entry for the day before, they day of, and the day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Lively Lesson: Frontloading for Racing Extinction

Join us live from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo on November 18 at 1 PM ET for the Racing Extinction Virtual Field Trip to learn why most biologists believe one-half of Earth’s higher life forms will be extinct by 2100, why it’s important to address this loss of biodiversity, and what can be done to prevent

Spotlight on Strategies Bulletin Board

We love seeing examples of how educators are sharing Discovery Education resources with others. Recently on the DEN Friends Facebook page, educator Heather Hurley shared a bulletin board she created to share the Spotlight on Strategies resources with her school staff. Heather shared “I’m always looking for new ways to bring engaging activities to my