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Camden City Educators Take a Field Trip Beyond the Textbook!

Camden City Educators Take a Field Trip Beyond the Textbook!

On Saturday, May 7th we hosted a Beyond the Textbook Day of Discovery in Silver Spring, MD.  Tonya Wilson of the New Jersey Leadership Council showed her DENthusiasm by coordinating a bus to bring more than 18 educators from her School District to the event. Below is their story…. Thank you, Tonya, for sharing this!

Scoop.it Up Day of Discovery 2011 Resources

Porter Scooped.it in Session 1 What a week! Solid Teacher Appreciation from the DEN, some great new tools, capped by a Day of Discovery at Discovery Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. The first session I attended was Porter Palmer‘s Teaching Humanities in the Digital Age. She had already curated her presentation in Scoop.it, our newest

Days of Discovery at Discovery Education’s World Headquarters!

On May 6, 2011, the Discovery Education team hosted more than 80 Administrators from Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and North Carolina for an Administrator’s Day of Discovery. The day was framed by two essential questions: How can digital content and tools from Discovery Education be leveraged to meet the needs of educators while increasing student

Discovery Education SCIENCE and the 5E Model: Whitney Mihoulides #SSDOD2011

A DEN Account Manager for Discovery Education, Whitney Mihoulides focuses her presentation on digital media in the Science classroom. Students are engaging with technology and digital media outside the classroom, so why not bring it inside the classroom. Digital media lets students see at the micro and sub-micro levels something you could not otherwise see.

Project-Based Learning ~ A Menu of Ideas: Jennifer Brinson #SSDOD2011

Jen Brinson graciously shared her resources. Pbl a menu of ideas View more presentations from jbrinson Learning and Teaching Pyramid: 21st Century Style Jen began by debunking a few myths about Project-Based Learning, including that whether you call it Project, Problem, or Challenge-Based Learning, it’s all the same thing. How you design and craft your

A Virtual Field Trip with Google Earth and DE Streaming: Dawn Berkeley #SSDOD2011

Dawn Berkeley, DEN MD Leadership Council Blog Member, has graciously shared her resources. Dod2011 View more presentations from Prince George’s County Public Schools #1 – Discovery Education Media & Google Earth on Prezi Dawn’s Symbaloo aggregating Google Earth resources can be found here. Dawn’s Google Earth Tour can be accessed here. An educator in the

Teaching Humanitites in the Digital Age: Porter Palmer #DOD2011

L2R: Porter Palmer & Kyle Schutt, DEN Managers Porter Palmer, DEN Manager, is a wonderful friend and a great addition to the DE team. I met her years ago at a Summer Institute and have been following her ever since. Did you know that Discovery Education has hundreds of speeches with speech guides and transcripts

Consumer to Creator ~ The Student as Both the Learner & the Teacher: Matt Monjan Keynote #SSODOD2011

Director of Account Management for the Discover Educator Network The Educators’ Day of Discovery, Beyond the Textbook, began with Homeroom, Morning Announcements and a DiscoverySTREAMING overview, and then officially began with Matt Monjan’s keynote address. Here’s the thumbnail sketch of Matt’s keynote: Not only does today’s student want to be engaged through technology, media, and