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Educators Are Out of This World!

Educators Are Out of This World!

OK so for a lot of you, your school has just begun.  Feeling tied down to a mountain of papers yet?  Hopefully this post will leave you feeling a little lighter – zero gravity lighter! Recently ultra-unitedstreaming user and, micro-gravity explorer, Janet English, got to experience a sensation most of us can only dream of. 

Kick-Off Your Next Training With Discovery Education’s Digital Connections!

Okay, please forgive the cheesy reference in the title of this blog, but with the opening of football season just 1 day away, I’ve got football on the brain! Did you know Discovery Education offers FREE half-day staff development opportunities called Digital Connections?  These workshops are a combination of online instruction and hands-on experience.  Discovery

Just Another Mac-IT Monday

I recently queried the Implementation Team and asked them what kind of issues their schools/school districts were experiencing. Monika Davis, Implementation Representative for the great states of IN, MI, NV, and WA, explained that her Mac schools were experiencing difficulties within the Assignment, Quiz and Writing Prompt Builders, collectively known as "The Builders." Specifically, when

Help!  My unitedstreaming Implementation Rep Has Sent Me 15 School Kits…Now What Do I Do! Hi!  I’m Stephen Wakefield, Discovery Education Implementation Representative.  I help administrators and teachers in parts of Texas and Iowa get the most out of their unitedstreaming accounts, and from time to time, I will be guest blogging here on the

Tips and Tricks!

Here’s the scenario. You have just developed an A+, Teacher-of-The-Year, lesson plan for your class.  In fact it is so good that it is guaranteed to have your students say, "Mr/Ms/Mrs (insert your name here) Rocks!  He/She is my favorite teacher….ever. Part of your lesson involves projecting images and videos onto your screen.  Things are

Challenge Champions

Over the past the year the implementation team has partnered with teachers, principals, technology coordinators, librarians, and more to help launch and integrate unitedstreaming in over 60,000 schools. Along the way customers have faced an implementation challenge or two.  Here are a few examples of those challenges and the creative solutions used to overcome them!

Get Ready, Get Set, and…

Welcome Back Educators! As you make your triumphant return into the classroom, full of energy and rested from a relaxing summer vacation, I wanted to provide you with a little something special.  The Implementation Team has a unitedstreaming a school kit for your school. This year Discovery Education has purchased two different school kits for