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One Minute Museum Series

One Minute Museum Series

Dive into works of art! The class would discover timeless works of art from the top art museums in the world.  The fun and zanny cartoon characters give a short lesson of the history of the artist or the context  of the work. The art spans many different eras and styles. Lots to choose from…. In the

Teaching the Civil War with DE streaming

How do Wisconsin educators use DE Streaming when teaching the Civil War?  Jennifer Dorman (Pennsylvania DEN) has set up  a Google Form (below) to get your input.  When completed, Jennifer will compile and post the results.  Even if you don’t teach the Civil War, but have ideas for how it could be done, make sure to include your

NBC News Clips Through HotChalk

Through January 2008, you can access the NBC news archive FREE through HotChalk. HotChalk is a learning management system that provides a community for teachers, students and parents that “…includes curriculum management, lesson plan development, automated assignment distribution, collection, and grading in a web-based environment.”  [See About HotChalk].  This is a free system that relies on advertising