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A Shelfari Success Story

A Shelfari Success Story

l. to r. Tam, Ann, Kathy Nothing beats a success story, and this is one if ever there was. What follows is that story, told by the person who created the climate for it to occur. She is a Technology Integration Specialist, K-12 in a neighboring district. She posted her story to the CFF Listserv

Ray Hernandez… Our Discovery Educator of the Week

Everyone meet Ray Hernandez (that is if you haven’t already!)  He is being featured on our DEN Home Page (http://www.discoveryeducatornetwork.com/) because he has earned the title of DEN Educator of the Week! Ray is also being highlighted on his district’s website www.acsd.k12.ca.us. Since joining DEN, after a training in his district (Anaheim City), he has

Rock Our World: What's for Lunch?

What did you pack in your lunch today?  Vegemite and crackers? Chocolate Sandwiches? Well the students of CA DEN member CarolAnne McGuire and PA DEN member Anne Reardon not only know what students in America pack for lunch, but also in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Israel, Japan, China. Rock Our World is

"A-Ha!" Moments in the Classroom

They happen every week, usually when you are least expecting it.  We look for it in our students, but then suddenly the light bulb goes off in our own heads.  It’s the all too famous and unforgettable "A-Ha!" moments.  In Discovery Education’s newest Resource Guide, teachers share their "A-Ha!" moments when they used unitedstreaming to