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Helping adults change and grow

Helping adults change and grow

Adults are learners.  We don’t stop learning as we age.  Yet, we learn differently then we might have in our youth. Thus, for those that want to see adults learn, change and grow in their thinking – might want to learn about Andragogy.  Yes, Andragogy not Pedagogy.  One might want to think of a continuum

Where does technology, as an instructional opportunity, fit into this picture?

America’s students are and will continue to be compared to students around the world.  In 2009 there were many surprises. Here is some of what Chest E. Finn had to say about the situation. Fifty-three years after Sputnik caused an earthquake in American education by giving us reason to believe that the Soviet Union had

Learning to Change, Changing to Learn: A Canadian Perspective

That title gets me thinking.  I am betting when you watch the video you will be thinking about: The need for courageous leadership Education taken as a given Disengagement by students and teachers An age of networks Students having access to powerful tools of learning Shifting some roles Becoming learners together Transformation, flexibility, celebrating Start

Adults – educators and others, need to help today’s students embrace complexity

Employees Wanted . . . that can combine software, art, math, creativity, writing, gaming, education, composing, and marketing Thomas L. Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum the authors of That Used To Be Us, 2011 p.70 -71 make the case for how fast and dramatically the world of work can change.  They explain that it is clear

Michigan Superintendents and Front Line Assistants Jump into iPad Use

The main goals of this initiative were to provide up to 300 members with portable, Apple iPad 2 mobile devices to: Facilitate their communication with their district staff Provide experiences with the use of real-time data in the decision-making process Promote interdistrict, superintendent level, collaboration and problem solving on a variety of educational issues and