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Cleaning up after the 4th

My RSS feed reader, Google Reader, is full of unread blog posts, my inbox has is full of junk mail and spam. The grass in the lawn is so deep, people riding by probably think we have moved. It is too hot to worry about it. July 4th was fun, but was over too fast.

Making May Marvelous

Well, 10 days into May and teachers are counting down the days until the buses leave campus for a well deserved summer hiatus of sorts. At the beginning of the school year, students walked patiently in straight lines are now trying to run, shout, scream, giggle, and jump like they are wild.  Some blame it

The World is Hot, Flat, and Crowded

If you are a Thomas Friedman fan as I am, you will be interested in this link http://macmillan.hosted.panopto.com/CourseCast/Viewer/Default.aspx?id=610215c3-a3c8-429c-9dcd-3f8b72ee8a99 that features a video and PowerPoint of his latest book Hot, Flat ,and Crowded. Educators may find many of Friedman’s comments in this presentation are very timely with the possible collapse of the American auto industry. World

DEN Virtual Conference – October 25, 2008! Registration is Open!!!

  Here’s a cross-post from the National DEN Blog … DEN Virtual Conference: Registration is Now Open! Join us in-person, online or both, on Saturday, October 25th for the DEN Virtual Conference. Registration is now open! The DEN Virtual Conference features an incredible lineup of online presentations including “Power Up Your Professional Learning Network” by STAR