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Listen up Discovery Education Canada! A Local Host Solution

Listen up Discovery Education Canada! A Local Host Solution

Experience the difference with Discovery High Resolution Content on Your Servers.  Locally host content lets schools access Discovery Education Streaming Canada content directly from their local server rather than from the Internet. You will access full-screen, high-resolution content directly from a local server. Content stored in your network saves time with faster, more consistent video delivery.Why Locally

Excited To See You at ISTE 2010!

It’s that time again! Time to jump for joy! It’s not too late to join Discovery Education and all of the fun activities at the upcoming ISTE Conference.   Not only do we have events during the ISTE Conference but even before! Join us for a day of networking, creativity, and connections at the Denver

Canadians: Choose Your Webinar

    Click your heels three times and say Webinars, Webinars, Webinars!  Yes, you get to vote on the Webinar topic you want to see Discovery Education Canada host! Start integrating digital media into your classroom lessons. Did you know we just added more Canadian digital content?  Don’t know how to use it? Let us help

3-D: Not Just for the Movies Anymore

At the end of 2009, eSchool News published a special report: Learning in 3-D. For decades, it has been used in movies and at theme parks. For years colleges and universities have used 3-D for some of their most advanced research projects. According to this special report, we are on the cusp of seeing 3-D

What is Rotoball?

That’s exactly what I wanted to know when I read Kris Fontes’ post.  Now that I know I am hooked. Rotoball is a black ball that transforms into something different for each person who comes into contact with it. The process is simple; each animation must be exactly 15 seconds long. The animation can be

No MovieMaker, No iMovie, No Problem!

  Discovery Education streaming has over 5,000 videos with Editable rights.  This means you can download and then edit the contents of the video, from audio to the actual video itself.  What if your computer doesn’t have video editing software?  What can you do? Welcome to JayCut, an on-line video editing application.  No need to

METC 2009: Audacity to Podcast.

METC 2009 was a winter wonderland.  Snow happens in the Midwest and it hit on both days of the conference.  Despite the weather the conference went great.  Enjoyed dinner at Lewis & Clark’s with a wonderful group of educators.  All braved the snowy conditions to join us.  We even had to push our rental car