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The First Digital President

The First Digital President

Yesterday the world watched as our nation’s 44th President was sworn into duty! On his way to the office, President Obama utilized a huge a variety of 21st century tools – including things like Twitter, blogs, Facebook, texting, and more – to mobilize his base and get his message out. During his campaign he stated,


You might think this post is about old Coach Brennan dusting off the playbook and throwing his hat in the ring for Bobby Knight’s former job, but it’s actually about the One Laptop per Child Program (OLPC) or the “$100 laptop” as the press had labeled it. Local district tech director Chris Brown put out

Vyew part Deux

I’ve talked about Vyew before and how I think that it’s one of the better ‘Office 2.0’ applications out there.  Well, now it’s gotten even better.  Vyew 2.0 has just entered into public beta. For those that don’t remember, Vyew is a free webinar solution, similar to Webex which is what we use here in

Upgraded your browser recently?

Of course, they couldn’t have them done in time for IT Directors who are imaging school computers over the summer, but the two most widely used browsers on the market have been been upgraded to new versions recently.  In one corner, the "Goliath" of browsers, Internet Explorer 7 has finally integrated in features that some

Level out your podcasts

Brian Bartel Dale Basler shares a great podcasting tip on his blog. I just found out about a new tool called The Levelator from GigaVox Media. This free tool levels out the audio automatically. The quiet gets louder, the loud gets quieter—all in mere seconds with The Levelator. If you vist the post, he has

Give social networking a try with Facebook

After reading a post by Kathy Schrock about trying out Facebok,  I decided to give it a whirl myself.  I had thought that it was only available to high school and college students and teachers, but I was surprised to find that they have over 1,000 work networks registered as well, Discovery being one of

The Art of Commenting

CoolCatTeacher shares a post about how and why to comment on blogs that I think is a must read for every fledgling blog reader and author.  Commenting has truly been the fuel that has fired readership for my blog and opportunity for me. It is also part of being a responsible blogger in general. If

Back to school tips from the Implementation team

We’d like to welcome the Implementation team to our expanding network of Discovery Education blogs!  What can you expect to see on the blog? You will see posts from your favorite Implementation representatives, as well as from your peers.  Look for posts from fellow educators, and district media and technology specialists detailing their experiences with

Free video editing with ZS4

While researching some green-screen options for somebody in our training department, I stumbled across a free video editor that I’d never heard of called ZS4 Video Editor.  It runs on Windows, OSX and even Linux!  Astonishingly, it has over 150 built in video effects.  From their website: ZS4 Video Editor is worth using when… the