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Discovery to go

Love Discovery content, but dont’ have time to sit around and watch it?  Take it to go!  Discovery has just launched in the US a new service for cell phones and mobile devices, Discovery Mobile. Just type in "discoverymobile.com" into your phones browser and you’ll have instant access to ringtones, wallpapers, podcasts and information about

Let Ten Thousand URL’s Bloom

The power of community is felt in shared resources.  We are collecting the best teaching and learning web sites.  Thank you if you have sent us your favorite sites. We have nearly two thousand now— but we want more! A quick search for education resources shows nearly two billion sites they are out there.  If

The MegaVCR Handouts from NECC

As promised, here are the handouts from the MegaVCR -Media and More in Your Pocket session done by me at NECC 2006. This is a pdf of the PowerPoint.  It basically explains how to download videos, including —and especially–videos from unitedstreaming.  It also explains how to put PowerPoints onto the iPod and how to embed

Mobile Filmaking – No camcorder? No problem!

Discovery Networks Asia are sponsoring a Mobile Film contest open to residents of Australia,  Hong Kong, the Phillipines, Singapore, Thailand, India, New Zealand and a few other countries in that area.  It’s pretty similar in format to the CellFlix Festival that Ithaca College hosted.  All the footage has to be filmed using your mobile phone. 

A Del.icio.us way to surf

Many of you are already familiar with the social bookmarking site known as del.icio.us, but for those of you that aren’t you should set aside some time to explore it. It’s primary purpose is to provide you an online solution to store your bookmarks and favorites.  So if you use one computer at school and

Host your own webinar with Vyew

While we’re on the subject of webinars: Here at Discovery Education we make extensive use of webinars and video conferences.  Every week we’ve had a live video conference with our Discovery Educator Abroad and there are webinars going on daily that train people in different ways to enhance their usage of unitedstreaming (you need to

Is your school still paying for your Office suite?

I served as a Director of IT for three years for a private school in Chicago.  We had several hundred computers and every computer needed its own copy of Microsoft Office.  I don’t remember exactly how much it cost to purchase a new license every few years, but I know it sure wasn’t cheap.  However,

Quick, easy and FREE podcasting

Huge kudos to John Blake for pointing out this one out to me. GCast.com is a sister site to GarageBand.com, which has long been known for being a great source for ‘pod safe’ music.  GCast is similar to Audioblogger.com but has some great features that give it the nod in my book. First of all,

Join me for the next EdTechConnect

It’s just a few days until the next EdTechConnect and in case you haven’t already heard, I’m going to be this months speaker!   If you don’t know what it is, EdTechConnect is a series of live webinars featuring some really prominent people in the field of Education Technology.  In the past few months, the list