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Definition of Terms: Digital Storytelling

Definition of Terms: Digital Storytelling

One of the big buzz terms of the last few years has been “Digital Storytelling.” Teachers of all grades want to integrate digital storytelling into their curriculum to enhance student learning.  This has the added benefit of being fun and creating a pretty impressive final product  that can be published and viewed anywhere. You can’t

Is print not enough?

I’ve been noticing a pattern in my reading over the last few years. I love reading magazines and other periodicals. There are just so many new ideas, inventions and news all the time; it’s tough to keep up. I do my best with paper periodicals, but it never seems to satisfy me. Then it hit

Back-up more than your files

Hopefully we all know that it’s a good idea to periodically back up your files- documents, music, photos and other important stuff you would want to save in case of loss or failure.  These days, external hard drives are pretty cheap and  will hold all of your "stuff" and more.  For those of us that

I hear music…

My friend and I were walking down the street one day:  He said, "I hear music…"  As if there was any other way to take it in… "I see music?" -Mitch Hedberg I was recently reviewing the new publisher materials for social studies, science and music (can you believe we’ve made it to the point

Meet your Tech Team

Okay… so you have heard me sing praises of your incredible Implementation (aka Tech) team, so I thought I would let some of you put faces to the names you have seen on emails or voices you have spoken with over the phone.    From Left to Right (Lisa Rice, Craig Halper, Monika Davis, Me,