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Beyond the Textbook: DEN PreCon 2010

Beyond the Textbook: DEN PreCon 2010

Your DEN Leadership Councils (PA, NJ, NY) and our Discovery Managers and Directors have worked hard to bring educators the best preconference yet. Unless you are working with the team, it is really hard to imagine how much behind-the-scenes work goes into planning and making the DEN PreCon an enriching professional development experience. With over

Discover Planet Earth Tomorrow!

For anyone who has flown lately, you can empathize with the long waits at most airports.  Atlanta, GA, was particularly crowded a few weeks ago. Yet, I hardly noticed the crowds, lines, etc.  Before I left for my long weekend in Atlanta, I downloaded Discovery Atlas China, Australia, Brazil, and Italy.  I had seen some

Memories of the "Crocodile Hunter"

By now, probably everyone has heard the news of the tragic death of Steve Irwin, the "Crocodile Hunter" on Animal Planet broadcasts. Some may not know that the Animal Planet is a part of the Discovery Communications group, and so Irwin’s death touches us all even more deeply. Here are a few excerpts from an