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Writing Prompt Builder

Writing Prompt Builder

The New unitedstreaming has another tool in it’s arsenal.  Along with the Quiz Builder and the Assignment Builder, now there is the Writing Prompt Builder.  You can create your own original writing prompts with embedded images from the unitedstreaming image library or search for ones already made.  Create an entire library of writing prompts in


Have you noticed the new search feature on the NEW unitedstreaming site?  Are you aware of all it can do.  You might consider it an advanced filtering system for the purposes of this post I am going to refer to it as the ability to "Drill Down" because it allows you to delve into the

Create a Personalized Homepage

Today’s feature will give you that feeling of comfort right at your own fingertips. In this new version, you can select choice options of resources and place them right in front of you each time you login. You can place such options on your page such as the week’s top videos, new videos, even featured