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Tip #12: Drag and Drop – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Tip #12: Drag and Drop – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

From Karen Seddon (Field Manager, South FL) As a teacher, I really didn’t understand the depth of unitedstreaming.  If I needed a video, I searched, found it, downloaded it, played it and that was it.  However, as unitedstreaming is constantly being upgrading and adding content, I thought it was amazing how robust the site really

Tip #11: Cross-Curricular Connections

Here’s a really cool tip to show a teacher or two or three or fifty.  When you do a keyword search and find a bunch of great videos, you see the video’s title, a short description and some other important information such as grade level, runtime, teacher’s guide, etc.  A really powerful resource that appears

Tip #9: Create Your Own Writing Prompts

When I taught sixth grade, my students started each and every day with a journal entry in response to some sort of writing prompt I developed.  In September and October, the prompts were fresh and exciting and the students loved to respond.  However, come May, the well would often run dry and I struggled to

Tip #7: Bring Your Digital Photos to Life!

From Michelle Adams (Field Manager, VA/WV) Did you know that you can use PhotoStory to create your very own digital story?  PhotoStory is available as a FREE download from Microsoft and is super easy to use.  It can be used with digital photos or downloaded images, (like the ones you can find on unitedstreaming).  Once