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Survivor Tip #13

Survivor Tip #13

This tip is actually from a number of DEN Members and our all important Implementation Team. I’ve been to several schools or have received emails from DEN Members in awe of what Matt, Brian,  and Christina have sent them. Kathy Bunch from Polk County was very enthusiastic about the posters and can’t wait to share

Survivor Tip #12

Mary Cox from Leon County – you rock! I was cc’d on an email that she sent out to her teachers and want to share with you some highlights from it. First, it’s mandatory for all teachers in Leon County to sign up for their username and password for unitedstreaming. Of course, once you sign

Survivor Tip #11: WAY BACK!

Don’t worry, we’re not going to teach you a new dance (I can’t dance) or even ask you to do the limbo. We’re just going to share the tip of the day that is going to take you way back on the oh so young Internet. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Leon

Survivor Tip #10

This tip is an extension of Polk County’s Virginia Richard’s tip on the use of Interactive Training. This week I’m in Union County training teachers on unitedstreaming and Discovery Health Connection. This county is a dream for teachers when it comes to technology! Their Technology Director, Scott Woodall, really works with the teachers in providing

Survivor Tip #9

Hardworking Jenny Beyer from Leon County has created a great tip sheet to share with her teachers. She sent me the tips to pull from and share with those reading the blog. Downloading videos: Create a folder on your desktop titled "unitedstreaming" and save all videos there. You can do this by clicking on the

Survivor Tip #8 and Invitation

Nancy Pegg is one of our fantastic Discovery Educator Network Members from Middleton Burney Elementary in Putnam County. She’s actually in the Bass Capital of the World – which made it a very tempting place for relocation. This summer she sat in on a one day session on Digital Storytelling and decided to sahre some

Survivor Tip #7 and Duel Announcement

Yesterday Tom said he’d share with you Virtual Field Trips with unitedstreaming. I asked him to hold that tip and share another one that is quite important. He shared it last night at the Polk Networking gathering, and I felt like it needed to be shared here as well. Subscribing to the Blog: Does your

Survivor Tip #6

Tom Turner from Polk brings you another tip, this time dealing with the new feature: Writing Prompt Builder. Using the Writing Prompt Builder, create a prompt that suits your particular curriculum (and is FCAT friendly) that you can use over and over. Use them to build writing skills through reflection and critical thinking. Save them,

Survivor Tip #5

Tom Turner from Polk County is a great advocate for Discovery Educator Network and unitedstreaming. As a middle school classroom teacher, Tom’s not the school’s trainer. However, he has been turning in events, sharing projects, blogging, and so forth. He’s always a joy to have at any event, and is quick to jump in and

We break our normal program…..

I know, we’re suppose to be doing the Survivor Tips, but I have some news I want to share. I’m taking over today. We’ll return to the tips tomorrow. 🙂 WE COMPLETED THE RACE TO 500 events, and counting! On July 17, Christine Brink from Flagler County joined the DEN. To date she has turned