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Webinar with Build It Bigger’s Danny Forster

(Reposted from Porter Palmer on the DEN National blog) Mark your calendars! At 1pm ET on Monday, September 13th Danny Forster from the Science Channel’s Build It Bigger is joining us for a special webinar event “A New Way to Look at Architecture.” Danny loves architecture, from the curve of a building’s roof line to

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We have been using DE Assessment in our middle school for four years.  The data we receive from the assessment results is absolutely essential to our “data-based” school improvement. The state of TN is working now to devise an assessment from the Department of Education.  Of course, the easiest way to make that happen is

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Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence Providing world-class professional development opportunities for educators. Tags: Center=Charity=Foundation, Professional-Development, Conference=Convention, Memphis – By Clif Mims Posted from Diigo. The rest of TN DEN LC group favorite links are here.