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Capture Skype Calls for Sharing

Capture Skype Calls for Sharing

The Free Technology for Teachers blog recently shared one way to capture and edit those important Skype calls for later sharing.  Vodburner is a free download and allows you to capture the Skype call, edit it, and even upload it directly to You Tube.  “Vodburner is a free service for recording and editing Skype calls.

Skype How To

How does Skype work?  How do educators use Skype?  What makes a successful Skype experience for my students?  If you have wondered about Skype or want to use it or expand its use in your classroom, Langwitch has made an informative video.  Thanks to Paula Marini for sharing this information with us.

Making Author Connections with Skype

Want to get your students excited about writing?  Rachael McNamee, fourth grade teacher at Oakdale School, Dedham, Massachusetts, really wanted her students to understand the intrinsic value and pleasure of becoming lifelong readers and writers.  Through the “Skype an Author” website, Rachael connected with Mary Amato, children’s author, song writer, and performer.  By writing a

Word Processing Edit Help

The Fall 2009 issue of On Cue, the Journal of the Massachusetts Computer Using Educators, has a great article about some of the features that word processing has to help students with editing.  The article is titled “Using Technology to Empower Students as Editors:  Developing a Proofreading System with Hidden Features in Word Processors.” The

Glogster Edu Updates

Glogster is one of the most popular sites for teachers.  As Jim Dachos, Glogster Education Director, announced to attendees of the DEN event in October, Glogster continues to improve and update their site.  One major change that was announced recently is that teachers will only be able to request 100 student accounts as of March

Pink Bear or Blue Bear … Your Choice

One of my favorite tools is Glogster.  Students have used it to for presentations.  I have used it as a presentation platform, to introduce myself to parents, to imbed on Google Earth placemarks, and even for family holiday newsletters.  Last year when students had the option to use Glogster for a poetry project, the only