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School’s out!!!

School’s out!!!

Although it may be bittersweet saying goodbye to the students you have spent the past year with, as soon as the bell rings on the last day, freedom sets in! You now have the entire summer to catch up on everything you couldn’t do during the school year and enjoy time with family and friends.

Cruising With the STARs

I am soooo tardy in getting this posting up. After losing my luggage and teaching five workshops (starting the day after I returned from the DNI Cruise), I had little time to catch up on my blogging. The DEN cruise was really outstanding. I just can’t even begin to fully catalogue all the applications, ideas,

Not so educational, but you'll save money!

Everyone loves a good deal! Here’s another way to save money using that grand ‘ol internet thingy.   I’m fortunate enough to have found myself traveling quite a bit this summer.  I’d say that from June to September I will have been on over 10 airplanes.  I hope others are getting out there and exploring as

On the Road…

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of visiting Jim Hopton and Peggy Barger at Jefferson Morgan Elementary school to celebrate their victory for PA’s March Blogging Contest.   The Jefferson Morgan Elementary School staff welcomed me with smiles and appreciation when I arrived with pizza for the entire staff.  For the contest, Jim and Peggy