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Rework Video

Rework Video

    Projects are an excellent way for students to demonstrate learning.  They can also be introduced/framed with an essential question and provide for a variety of collateral learning as students dive into the curriculum.  Unfortunately projects can be a time hog if students aren’t given specific time limitations.  For that reason it is nice

Glogging Along..

We had a wonderful afternoon at Champion High School in Brockton!   Twelve teachers got together for a Glogster workshop and the room was a buzz with creative juices!  As always Discovery was a big part of this event!  Teachers were amazed with what they could do to present student work and research in such

Using DE content and PhotoPeach to Create Visual Assessments

PhotoPeach and DEN content work great together when creating engaging visual quizzes to review content with students. http://photopeach.com/album/rmu0sr I created this quick quiz that was used as a warm up for my biology class to review plant tropisms. I used pictures from the writing prompts that accompany the Life video segment on plant tropisms, as