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DEN LC Symposium

DEN LC Symposium

Our first full day at the DEN LC Symposium kicked off this morning with Dr. Lodge McCammon.  Personally, I had never been in a session with Lodge.  So, I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  Yet, everyone who has been in his workshops before have just bragged and bragged and bragged about it.  I’m glad

School's "IN" for the Summer!

You’re a teacher eagerly looking forward to a couple of weeks of summer bliss, right? Wrong! Summer is the time for intellectual rejuvenation, creative inspiration, and learning. Let the Discovery Educator Network help you meet these noble goals. Check out some of the fantastic FREE webinars from Discovery Education. Discovery Education First Look: Back to

Create a Free Avatar with Voki!

Students love avatars! Create a free avatar to add to your class website or blog with Voki. You can personalize the avatar and even add your own voice to help you connect to your students. Teachers are using Voki avatars in amazing ways! Some are using them to inspire students in language classes, and to connect

Destination Maps

This morning I was surfing through my RSS feed about half asleep and not paying much attention until I got to Ewan McIntosh’s blog post about Bing’s new Destination Maps feature.  I had already been blown away by a TED talk on how Microsoft was able to do street views inside buildings.  So my curiosity