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Web 2.0 Wednesday – Bookemon

It’s been awhile but it’s time to bring back Web 2.0 Wednesdays. Most of you are in the middle of SOL testing so I wanted to provide a resource that can be of use after testing is done. Bookemon is a place where you can design and create books for free. Books can be shared

Web 2.0 Wednesday – Timetoast

One of the things I love about Web 2.0 tools is how creative the names can be. I often wonder about all of the extremely creative folks behind the scenes who think up these fun names. Timetoast is another great tool with a fun name. I found Timetoast in my Web 2.0 Diigo group. Timetoast

Web 2.0 Wednesday – iSpeech

  I learned about this handy tool from a fellow STAR DEN member Fred Delventhal aka Riptide Furse.  iSpeech allows you to “read with your ears”. iSpeech will convert text to speech with a click of a mouse for free and it doesn’t use one of those bad computer voices. There’s no software to download

Web 2.0 Wednesday – Shrink O'Matic

This application sums up what I love about Web 2.0, simple, useful and oh so cute. How can you not want to use an application called Shrink O’Matic. This program has solved a major dilemma for me. If you’re like me you probably have uploaded lots of avatar pictures. It seems that every site wants

Web 2.0 Wednesday – Where Can I….

  Find More Web 2.0 Resources? I thought for this week’s posting I would provide you with several places where you can find some great Web 2.0 resources. They change every day and it’s always helpful to have sites to refer to. If you find a particular tool helpful, would like to share a success

Web 2.0 Wednesday – Tikatok

I was browsing resources that I found on TeachersFirst and came across this cool bookmaking tool.  Tikatok “is where kids transform their imaginations into stories – and publish those stories into books.” Kid’s can write a story, illustrate it and order actually hard copies of the book. There’s no cost to join the site and

Web 2.0 Wednesday – Block Poster

Have you ever wanted a giant poster of a great photo? If you answered yes to this question, then you are probably familiar with how expensive it is. For example at Snapfish a 16×20 poster will cost you $14.99, that’s a lot of money. As an educator I am always looking for ways to find