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New Chromebook, Chromebox and updated Chrome OS – look awesome, great for education

New Chromebook, Chromebox and updated Chrome OS – look awesome, great for education

  Google and Samsung have just announced a new Chromebook, the Chromebox and the new version of Google’s Chrome OS.   I have been a long time user of Google’s Chrome OS and Chromebook (almost two years) on their beta device, the CR-48. I love it! I can do everything I need on it.   Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome

Google is buying QuickOffice – here’s what that means

       Yesterday, Google announced that it was buying QuickOffice. QuickOffice is a mobile app that allows users to view, edit, and create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, including Microsoft Office files. It integrates with Google Docs™, Dropbox, Evernote, Catch, Egnyte, Huddle™, Box, SugarSync, and MobileMe™, allowing you to access and work with your files on your mobile device.   Google will be integrating QuickOffice into

Wonderville – awesome, fun, educational science resources

  Wonderville is a great, free site I just learned about from an article in Tech & Learning magazine. Wonderville is an award winning site that has interactive science activities that are fun and educational. There are over 30 games on Wonderville that help students learn about science while having fun. There are also puzzles, activity sheets and crosswords, videos exploring

Evaluate Happy Students Using Games

Did you know that you may have as many as 165 educational games available to you through your Discovery Education Streaming Plus service? Just search by “games” using the media type filter. These games span all subject areas, including literature, fine arts, and science, and were developed with the differing needs of our youngest students,

Nature Works Everywhere – free resources for learning about nature’s factory

  Nature Works Everywhere is a great, free site from The Nature Conservancy and Discovery Education. The site has resources to help learn about how nature works and the fact that nature is a factory, making many of the things we need.       There is an interactive online game that helps students discover the connections