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Get Discovery Education Flash Content on your iPad

Get Discovery Education Flash Content on your iPad

by David Andrade, http://tinyurl.com/edtechguy     Discovery Education has a huge amount of great resources for educators, from videos to lesson plans to e-textbooks and more. Some of it is in Flash, so you can’t access it directly on your iOS device browser. However, iSwifter has partnered with Discovery Education to create Rover. Rover is an iPad

JB + JC + FB + GE3D = A Better Mousetrap for Teaching Julius Caesar

“So, your teaching Julius Caesar and that means you’re in Rome. What do you eat in Rome — Italian Ice, right?” Jen Brinson in AM Class So Jennifer Brinson began her Google Earth Tour with 8 varieties of Italian Ice for my tenth grade students who are currently working on putting the characters from the

Instant Feedback from Students

 Flisti is a free online poll website that does not require any sign up. This is a great tool to use at the beginning of a unit to gauge what students know about a particular subject. Flisti is simple and easy to use. Type in your question, type in the possible answers, choose whether you

TED – Ideas Worth Spreading

Do you like to watch videos?  Do you need a video for a PD that you’re planning?  Do you want to feel inspired?  Then you have to check out TED at http://www.ted.com/.  According to their Web site, “TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference